Brand Building: Organic vs. Inorganic Growth

Whether you’re grocery shopping, or trying to grow your business, organic is always better.


You’ve probably heard of paying for Instagram or Twitter followers, and while this sounds like an easy way to jump-start your business and popularity, it could actually cause a lot more harm than good. By choosing to take the organic route with your social media accounts, you are building a stronger future, saving money, creating real connections, and avoiding potential scams and stigmas that could harm your business in the long run.

Organic social media growth can be defined as using strategic social media marketing tactics to gain followers, and build brand awareness and loyalty. Building an organic following on social media takes time. It requires hours of following, commenting, liking, messaging, and everything in between. At first, it can feel like you’re going nowhere. But the connections you do create are genuine. People will follow you because they want to, and because they have an interest in your business.


Organic growth is also free! That’s the great thing about social media. It’s free to use, and that’s all you have to do to build an organic following; use it. When you’re just starting out as a small business, it’s very important to not spend money where it isn’t needed. And it isn’t needed to spend time on your Instagram feed searching for interesting accounts and potential clients. Think of it as modern day cold-calling!

Over time, organic growth will pay off.

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Inorganic social media growth is the exact opposite. Inorganic growth refers to follower growth that is forged, and not natural. In contrast to organic growth, inorganic growth is falsified by purchasing followers through apps or websites. While inorganic growth can seem to have benefits, such as the appearance of popularity and the potential starting point for a business, bought followers are not all they’re cracked up to be. All they will give you is the illusion that you have a large following; they won’t actually give you a large following.

Most often, the followers you buy will be bots, or inactive accounts that merely look real. These are not the type of followers you need to grow a business and a brand. Sure, bought followers might give you an initial boost by increasing your follower base, but for real business growth you will still need to actively engage with users.


People who regularly use Instagram can easily spot when a new account has purchased followers. Bots are easy to spot, and they typically come with a stigma. Why would you support a business that has to buy a fake appearance? It’s not a good first impression for potentially real followers.

Above all else, a lot of online companies that advertise paid followers are scams, so if you do choose this option, be sure to read reviews and do your research.

It’s important to remember that inorganic growth is only a short-term solution.


In conclusion, if you choose to build your brand by organically gaining new followers and creating real, human connections, your business will be stronger and more successful. If you choose to use an inorganic growth strategy your business will eventually suffer from it.

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Best Locations in #YEG For Impromptu Photoshoots

Get the perfect photos to make your Instagram account stand out without even leaving the city!

No, Edmonton is not so exotic, and no, we don’t have a plethora of world famous landmarks, but Edmonton is actually full of amazingly Instagrammable hotspots. Did you know that images that are the most relatable get the most likes? What better way to connect to your Edmonton audience than to post content found right here at home.

Here are 6 locations in Edmonton that make for the perfect Instagram photo shoot.

The Alberta Legislature Building & Grounds

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Located in the heart of the city, this beautiful building offers a historic background for any photo. The Greek, Roman, and French architectural influences add elegance to the surrounding fountains and trees. This spot is great because it’s perfect in the summer, and in the winter. It may not iconic to the rest of the world, but it’s certainly iconic in YEG and a great feature on your Instagram page.

Whyte Avenue

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Did you really think this one wouldn’t be on our list? If anyone knows Edmonton, they know that Whyte Ave is a truly unique pocket of the city featuring some amazing buildings, people, and graffiti. There’s not one best spot on Whyte Ave for an Insta photo. There’s plenty! So go explore, and don’t be scared to walk down a few back alleys. That’s where you’ll find some of the best photo shoot locations.

The End of the World

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To get the best views of Edmonton’s river valley and the North Saskatchewan River visit 7433 Saskatchewan Dr NW. You won’t be disappointed. This spot has gained popularity for its breathtaking views, and because it makes for a great Instagram photo. Guaranteed likes on this one! Just be careful if you plan on climbing out to the edge.

Edmonton’s Neon Sign Museum

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A downtown treasure. The Neon Sign Museum is located on 104 Ave & 104 Street, across from Mercer Tavern. Installed by the City of Edmonton, it features a collection of functional historic signs that tell a story about Edmonton’s neon past. Pretty cool, right? It’s also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check out this spot during the day, and at night for some eye-catching photos.

Muttart Conservatory

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Thought it was just for science nerds and school field trips? Think again. The Muttart Pyramids are full of exotic plants that can make you feel like you’re somewhere else. The scenery also makes for the perfect Instagram photo. Add some life to your profile!

Edmonton Ice Castles

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Winter isn’t all that bad. Every year, magnificent ice castles are built in Hawrelak Park. You have to pay admission, but once you’re in you can enjoy all the beauty the castles have to offer. The colours of the ice make any photo look stunning. Hint: the day time lighting is also great for selfies!


That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more social tricks and tips. Don’t forget to tag us @coppersocialco in your next YEG Instagram hotspot! We love to see what the city has to offer.